Reports and Policies

Statement of Purpose - 2018 (PDF)

Keeping Children Safe in Education September 2018 (PDF)

Locality Risk Assessment - January 2019 (PDF)

NICE Report (PDF)

Ofsted Inspection Report (Home) - February 2019 (PDF)

Ofsted Statutory Requirements (Home) - Action Plan - February 2019 (PDF)

Ofsted Inspection Report (Home) - October 2017 (PDF)

Recruitment Privacy Notice - March 2019 (PDF)

Staff Qualification Summary - Up to End of April 2019 (PDF)

Staff Qualification List - Up to End of April 2019 (PDF)

Trustees' Report and Financial Statements - Year ended 31 March 2018 (PDF)

Policy Manual 2018 (PDF)

Education (PDF)

CCTV Policy 2018 (PDF)

A signed Policy Document is held on record.

Complaints Policy (PDF)

Equal Opportunities Policy (PDF)

Safeguarding Policy 2018 (Including Anti-Bullying Policy) (PDF)

Special Educational Needs Policy (PDF)

Transport Policy - March 2019 (PDF)