Reports and Polices

Recruitment Privacy Notice March 2019 (PDF)

Locality Risk Assessment - January 2019 (PDF)

Policy Manual 2018 (PDF)

Safeguarding Policy 2018 (Including Anti-Bullying Policy) (PDF)

Statement of Purpose 2018 (PDF)

CCTV Policy 2018 (PDF)

A signed Policy Document is held on record.

Equal Opportunities Policy (PDF)

Complaints Policy (PDF)

Education (PDF)

Keeping Children Safe in Education September 2018 (PDF)

Special Educational Needs Policy (PDF)

Ofsted Inspection Report (Home) - February 2019 (PDF)

Action Plan - Ofsted Statutory Requirements - February 2019 (PDF)

Osted Inspection Report (Home) 2017 (PDF)

Trustees' Report & Financial Statements 31 March 2017 (PDF)

NICE Report (PDF)

Staff Qualification Summary - Up to End of February 2019 (PDF)

Staff Qualification List - Up to End of February 2019 (PDF)