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An Evaluation of the Glebe House Circles Project - July 2018

You might be interested to read a recent research paper ‘Why Wouldn’t You Have a Circle?’ An Evaluation of the Glebe House Circles Pilot July 2018, which was presented to our Trustees.

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Community Defibrillator

Some fantastic news to report.... Glebe House now has its very own DEFIBRILLATOR!

At Glebe House we ensure that all our Staff are highly trained and ongoing development is encouraged, so that we can provide the best care, guidance and support for all Residents and their needs. This includes nearly two thirds of Staff being First Aid trained.

By using a defibrillator within the first 5 minutes the chance of survival can go up from 5% to 74%.

This is why we feel that a defibrillator is an invaluable piece of life saving equipment for our Community.

Education Update

At Glebe House we are extremely lucky to have an on-site Independent School. Residents can work towards a variety of qualifications, Certificates and recognisable achievements, which are all celebrated within the Community.

Recently, two of our Residents successfully completed Certificates of Achievement in 'Food Safety & Hygiene' - Level 2...... Well Done!

Community of Communities Annual Forum 2018

A couple of Staff and the Resident Chairmen from Glebe House attended the Royal College of Psychiatry for their Community of Communities Annual Forum.

All three Residents contributed really positively to the day, speaking in both the Community Meeting (over 100 people!) and during the small workshops.

One of the afternoon tasks was to form random small groups and build bridges using newspaper and sticky tape. There were certainly some creative efforts and it proved a great team building exercise, as well as providing insight into the different team dynamics.

A word from one of our Young People

One of our Young People recently attended a General Meeting of Quakers and this is what he had to say.

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'The Green Team'

As part of our ongoing Green Agenda, we have set up a Recycling Team, who have called themselves 'The Green Team'

The group is made up of four Residents who have weekly duties which they rotate to ensure that we are supporting the environment at Glebe House by recycling.

The team are being supported by Staff and are going to put on an event during National Recycling Week in November at which they will have fun in educating the Community around this subject.

Go Green Team!

'The Bridge'

An editorial team made up of Residents and Staff have been working hard to produce a Newsletter covering things we have been involved in and achieved during 2016.

We think this is a good way of remembering all the things we have done as we can often forget. This is a nice way of remembering.....

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Ofsted 'Outstanding'

We were delighted and proud to be awarded 'Outstanding' at our recent inspection by Ofsted.

The inspector reported:

'This home delivers exceptional care to young people with severe complex needs. Staff and managers demonstrate passion and commitment to the home's ethos of therapeutic care'.